It’s no secret that moving is one of the most stressful events in life. It’s easy to see why given the logistics involved in planning each move, plus the challenge of changing jobs, life plans, social circles, and just about everything else in your life. Once you’ve finally completed the journey to your new home, you don’t want to be stuck with a huge unpacking job and no idea how to start. Here, our Dallas movers crew offers some helpful tips to get unpacked quickly.

Figure Out Where to Start

To avoid being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff you need to unpack, keep a couple of key things in mind. First, remember that there is no need to unpack the whole house in a single day. You have time to spread out the process over a few days, and that’s fine. Start by just getting the essentials ready—things you and your family need right away for eating, cleaning up, going to work/school, and getting proper rest. We also recommend that focusing attention on one room at a time. This strategy helps you tackle everything in steps and makes the job more manageable.

Going Room-by-Room

While you can unpack your rooms in any order, we think the following order is best:


The kitchen is an excellent first stop because it provides you with both a port in the storm of unpacking and a place to eat and recharge. However, we recommend taking the kitchen in steps just like you’re taking each room in stages. Just stick to the essentials, plates, cups, utensils, pots and leave the rest for later when you can choose the right spot.


If you don’t have kids in tow, unpack your master bath. Alternatively, set up a different bathroom that everyone can share. Check beforehand to make sure everything (i.e., toilet, faucets, outlets) works as it should, then unpack the essential toiletries, shampoo, soap, towels, and put up a shower curtain.

Living Room

We recommend tackling the living room next. However, now that you’ve gotten through the kitchen and bathroom you can take your time with the rest of it. Sketch or otherwise outline your living room layout. This saves a lot of time and hassle as there is a lower chance of having to reposition heavy furniture later.


While a nice retreat, bedrooms rank low on our unpacking list because they aren’t essential. You can always sleep in the living room on a sleeping bag or air mattress for a while and get the bedrooms ready at your leisure. Save time here by letting each person unpack their items and decorate their bedrooms as they see fit.

If you keep these tips in mind, we’re confident that unpacking won’t be another dreary chore to top off your “moving day” list.

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