There are several reasons to consider using storage services. Perhaps you have a lot of things with sentimental value that are not practical to keep in your house anymore, or you have items currently not in use that you plan to use again in years to come. Many people use storage during the moving process. Maybe you need a safe space to store things that do not fit into your smaller home or while you are transitioning from one home to the next. Instead of boxing things up to store in your car or in your moldy, damp basement, consider storing your possessions in a storage unit where they will be safe from the elements and from burglars. At Cheap Dallas Movers, we help you find a storage solution that works for you. Whether you prefer storage in a warehouse or a self-storage unit with 24/7 access, our moving partners can help you find something that suits your needs.

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Storing Your Stuff

Renting storage space from a moving company helps simplify the moving or storage process. Instead of juggling multiple companies by renting a moving truck from an independent company and storage services from another, you can make it easier by dealing with only one company for the whole process. At Cheap Dallas Movers, we help you find low rates storage units from Dallas’ best moving companies. Here are a few reasons to rent storage with us:

  • Clean, well-maintained facilities
  • Climate-controlled and protected from the elements
  • 24/7 access to your belongings
  • On-site monitoring means enhanced safety from the risk items getting stolen
  • Large range of unit sizes to fit your storage needs
  • Peace of mind at a reasonable rate
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Our Storage Solutions

Cheap Dallas Movers offers storage for a wide range of storage needs including furniture storage, art, residential, and commercial. Find storage to best fit your needs:

Furniture Storage

Furniture storage is great, especially if you are downsizing to a smaller home and have furniture that you cannot take with you. Keeping it in storage will allow the furniture to stay safe and undamaged until you need to use it again, or if you decide to sell it.

Art Storage

If you have valuable art to store, then you might want to consider climate controlled storage, which will keep your art protected from extreme temperatures, which normal storage units do not.

Residential Storage

Residential storage is great for those who have extra belongings that they do not want in their homes anymore. This includes old clothes, toys, games, and movies. A storage unit allows you to declutter without letting go of things that hold sentimental value. You can choose from several different storage unit sizes, starting with a unit as small size of a closet.

Commercial Storage

Commercial storage is ideal for storing old office equipment, office supplies that you will later use, inventory, and important business documents. Our office storage is a great way for businesses to keep their smaller assets safe without cluttering the workspace.

To reserve your storage space, contact Cheap Dallas Movers now! Many of our partners offer bundled moving and storage rates or discounts on your first month or two of storage As for current specials when you call!

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