As an office manager, moving offices is a great indication of business development and growth. However, relocating the entire business is also a time consuming and daunting process. For that reason, successful execution of an office move requires adequate preparation. If you’re planning a commercial move, we’ve put together the following office moving checklist to uncomplicate the process:

Plan Before Relocating

Create a timeline that allows you to follow a clear series of moving steps. Start the planning process as early as possible. For large offices, it may take as many as eight months to a year of planning to execute a seamless move. For smaller offices, give yourself at least three months to prepare.

Inform Your Employees

Let employees know of the move well in advance. Keeping them abreast of the latest developments helps them prepare for the move too, especially since the move affects things like their commute time and routine. Ask for volunteers or appoint members from each division to organize their respective departments. Assigning the moving duties to each department supervisor helps ensure that each worker packs files and desks according to the moving timeline.


Determine the total moving budget before hiring a moving company. Then, request rates from multiple Dallas movers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. However, avoid any mover who offers unrealistically low rates as they may fail to carry out all relocation responsibilities. A good rule of thumb is getting at least three quotes and tossing out the lowest one.

Inform Your Critical Contacts

It’s important to alert all customers and vendors about the move. The last thing you want is deliveries going to the wrong address or clients going elsewhere to buy your products or services out of frustration with the lack of communication.

Visit Your New Office Space

Be sure to visit the new office space and develop an office floorplan. Take dimensions of large items like conference tables to ensure they will fit through doorways or in the spaces you plan to place them. Also, note that big pieces of furniture such as chairs and desks require ample space. Taking care devise a floorplan ahead of time will make moving day less chaotic.

Organize the Boxing

On the day prior to your move, issue each employee a box or crate labeled with their name and office or cubicle number. Have employees pack the contents of their desk and cabinets before the movers arrive. By using labeled crates, the moving crew will know where everything should go at the new office. When employees arrive the next business day, their boxes will be there waiting for them to unpack and get back to work.

Protection and Care

Additionally, on the day of relocation, you should maintain the health and safety of your team. Do not allow the employees to lift bulky items. Leave tasks like these to the moving specialists Also, remember to shred any old, unnecessary documents before relocating to your new office.

With these tips, you’ll be prepared for your office move! Be sure to take your time researching and hiring an equipped commercial moving company in Dallas. For help in that department, give us a shout!


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